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Centres housing Ukrainian refugees set to close

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Welcome centres that have housed Ukrainian refugees in Wales since the beginning of the war are set to close.

The Welsh government said it is part of a "concentrated effort" to help them move into long-term accommodation.

But one MP said there needs to be a "comprehensive plan" to house the refugees if centres close.

A Welsh government spokesperson said anyone unable to move into long-term housing would be offered "alternative accommodation".

The Welsh government has indicated that the closures will be a gradual process as people get new accommodation.

When the war in Ukraine began a year ago, families in Wales were given the chance to become hosts, providing a safe place for refugees to stay.

Welcome centres - buildings like hotels that were repurposed - were also set up by the Welsh government.

Latest figures show more than 3,000 Ukrainians have received support from the Welsh government since the beginning of the war.

The Welsh government said the plans are part of an effort to help Ukrainian people, and are "not funding-related".

But Hywel Williams, MP for Arfon, is calling for information on how people from such centres will be able to access housing.

"If people are going to be moved out into the community, we need to have some provision for them," he said.

"Announcing they will be closing in the hope something might turn up is just not good enough. There is no good reason to close these places."

He said Gwynedd council said it had received "official confirmation" from the Welsh government that welcome centres in the area would close "in the summer".

"Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of these vulnerable individuals in the centres," he added.

Conservative Senedd leader Andrew RT Davies said an "urgent" long-term plan was needed to support Ukrainian refugees and avoid leaving them "in a state of limbo."

"Announcing the closure of Welsh welcome centres with over a third of those people yet to arrive in Wales without an alternative plan in place is not good enough," he said.

A Welsh government spokesperson said it, along with councils and housing associations, continue "to play a hugely successful role in welcoming Ukrainian people to Wales, helping the move on into longer term accommodation.

"People who are not able to move on into longer-term accommodation from a welcome centre - either with hosts, or not private or social housing across Wales - will be offered alternative accommodation."

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