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Technique to help Ukraine therapists with PTSD

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A psychologist has trained hundreds of Ukraine therapists in a novel technique to help those with PTSD nightmares.

Dr Justin Havens from Cheltenham founded the Dream Completion Technique which focuses on suggesting new story lines for traumatic dreams.

He said he wants to support people in Ukraine who are "suffering double trauma" in the daytime and in their dreams when they sleep.

Olga Klymentovych, one of the therapists, said it is revolutionary.

The technique helps explain to people why they are having nightmares and allows them to take control of the narrative. It often works after just one night.

"It is very helpful for all of my colleagues because this can be a one-session technique.

"I have two techniques, which work with nightmares, but they are long-term.

"This Dream Completion Technique is like a magic wand."

Dr Havens said he created the "very potent tool" five years ago.

"For someone, who, for example their house has been bombed and destroyed, they might be having nightmares about it," he said

"But even if you haven't had your house destroyed, you might still be having nightmares about it, because that's one of your existential fears, that event happening.

"In a way people are suffering double."

Dr Haven said he has been training the Ukraine therapists via Zoom so they can "help the people of Ukraine sort out their sleep".

"[It] also has a big impact on reducing the likelihood of trauma and PTSD happening later on," he added.

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